Adorable boy scares at GPS directions Bear right 350K watched

The automated, robot-like voices of GPS systems can be enough to scare some kids. Couple that with confusing instructions, and you have a real “bear” of a problem.

In this clip, a 3-year-old boy panics after his family’s GPS system directs them to “bear right” on the way to the zoo.

After the tiny toddler, Austin, hears the instructions, he tells his parents that “they have a problem.” His mom and dad then prompt him to explain what he means, to which he shakily replies, “a bear problem!”

Realizing he’s sitting in the right side of the car, Austin bursts into tears — fearing that an actual bear is right outside his window.

His mother quickly assures him that there are no bears on the road, and that the bears they are going to see are actually in cages.

Eventually, after talking it through, the little boy calms down and agrees to go into the zoo.

The video was originally taken by the family during a trip to Colorado in 2009, but wasn’t uploaded to YouTube until March of this year.

The video has received over 350,000 views on YouTube — and is quickly on its way to becoming a viral sensation. Although Golden said that he’s surprised by the attention it has received, his son, now 10 years old, is embracing his newfound Internet fame.

‘Bear right’ This boy can not bear confusing of GPS directions
Video captures two young siblings freaking out when they hear their car’s GPS say “bear right” and think it means there’s an actual bear outside. Eventually their parents manage to calm them down.