Cool Math Games,Kids Learn English words with Looi’s magical Surprise Eggs. In this episode Looi gathered all his magical animal friends to a full episode so children can learn the names of different animals – Chicken, Pig, Frog, Elephant, Giraffe, Lion, Hedgehog, Turtle and Chameleon as they pop out of the surprise eggs! Just like Kinder surprise eggs but instead of little toys the children have an opportunity to learn words in English – The turtle, Hedgehog and Chameleon.Watch this fun educational video for children, toddlers and babies

Cool Math Games, Looi the cat – a HD animated cartoon show of videos for kids and babies. Your children will love this musical clip of popular and funny, cute, toy like animals, dancing to soft music.
These are safe, educational, puzzle solving videos for children. Kids love Looi the cat and his friends the Giraffe, the duck, the dog, the turtle, the rabbit and many more animals toys all waiting for you on Looi TV – the safe channel for your children.