Must visited 25 beautiful natural places of world
Q) If you were to redo you list, are there any places you would have added.
A) Palawan in Phillipines, The Faroe Island, Zhangye Danxia in China (google this). I knew about these places, but realized over time that they should be ranked higher.

Q) You realize you left out Machu Picchu?
A) Over-rated! Over-rated! just kidding, it’s not made by Mother Nature.

Q) Why isnt Greece/Nepal in your video. Me and my countrymen will harass you till you add our beloved countries.
A) I noticed there are a lot of people from these two countries patrolling youtube looking at these “prettiest places” videos and flaming any videos that left out their country. Greece and Nepal are beautiful countries with rich history. Places like Meteora/Santorini or Taktsang/Bhaktapur are breathtaking. However, these places are man made and do not belong in my video! However, I generously have Greek Coast at #37 and Southern Himalayas at #49. I have respect for your countries, so please don’t harass me.

Q). You seemed to be biased toward China! *points fingers at me*
A). you dont think the pictures speak for themselves? Seriously, despite whats in the video, I have left out more worthwhile places in China than any other country. Just google “China Danxia” (6 unique areas of scenery throughout China group together as one unesco heritage site), “yunnan Province Scenery/stone forest”, “longhu mountain”, etc etc,.

Q) What is song #12 and #15
A) Run by Snow Patrol and Resistance by Muse

Q) Can we have a list of all the songs?
A) No I’m too lazy. But 10 of the 25 songs are by the Cure, greatest band in History.

Q) Where is Angel Falls, Bora Bora, Grand Canyon, Milford Sound, Halong Bay?
A) They are covered in the video under other names, look again…

Q) Where is Serengeti, Galapagos, Redwoods, Sequoia, Socotra?!?
A) This videos looks at natural art with a geological canvas. Plants and animals will not be a main factor.

Q) It seems like that you group different countries or national parks together.
A) This is a video of Nature’s work. It’s humans that drew a line between USA/Canada or Brazil/Argentina. It’s humans that defined Grand Canyon vs Zion National Park and Yellowstone vs Grand Teton. I tried to group and name the places from natural or geological perspective.