Top 10 Most Amazing Lakes of the world worth to watch Wah Video
In this video You’ll see the world’s top 10 most amazing lakes. There is nothing more amazing than nature. If You like the video, subscribe to my channel and every Monday You’ll get new Top 10s, also I have other videos . Check it out.

10 — Plitvice Lake: Croatia
This isn’t the world of Avatar, but it is rather close. This lake is often called The Paradise Lake and with very good reason. This picturesque park has no less than 16 incredible blue-green water falls (that are above 20ft) flowing over the limestone and chalk lakes and pools. Some say it is the garden of Eden, I say it is not far of it!

9 – The Red Lake: Bolivia
Why are flamingos pink? Well we all know that it is due to the red brine shrimp they eat. But years ago people thought that it was because they has all stopped here at the Red Lake and bathed in its waters! The lake contains borax which is the white colour islands you see and the reddish colour of its waters are caused by red sediments and algae.

8 — Peyto Lake: Canada
Peyto Lake is basically a melted glacier in the Banff National Park. During the summer months the amount of glacial rock water flowing into the lake doubles and these tiny microscopic rock particles give the lake a very bright turquoise color.

7 – Flathead Lake: USA.
What you are looking at in the image is not a camera trick, no “Photoshop” edit, and not a real flying boat! This is Flathead Lake in Montana, USA and the water is so transparent that the clarity of its waters is renowned! It is said that in the summer you can clearly see downwards in twenty feet of the water!

6 — Hiller Lake, Western Australia
A bubble gum pink lake is strange enough, but unlike most other pink lakes in the World scientists have never been able to decisively prove why Hiller lake is pink! It is widely thought that the colour arises from a dye created by organisms “Dunaliella salina” and “Halobacteria” or maybe it is red halophilic bacteria in the salt crusts, or maybe it is just a trick of light, whatever the reason it it’s amazing and nothing will take that away from it.

5 — Carerra Lake, Chile
For over 6,000 years the waves off Carerra Lake have been hitting the calcium carbonate rock face and over time has created one of the smoothest caves in the World, with stunning swirling blue walls the cavern that the lake flows into is truly one of the most amazing things you will ever see.

4 – Shimshal Lake: Pakistan
While nothing special in both size and location, this amazing lake holds its own by being the World’s only natural forming heart shape! Strangely it wasn’t until 2005 when the road got opened up to Shimshal village that people other than locals knew about it!

3 – Gippsland Lake, Australia
In the day time Gippsland lake looks like pretty much any other lake in the World! But at night this 600 square kilometer lake system comes to life. What you are seeing in the image it a beautiful phenomenon caused by the presence of a microorganism called Noctiluca scintillans or as the locals call it “The Sparkle” .

2 – Lake Baikal: Russia
At just over 25 million years old this is widely considered to be the World’s oldest lake. But it is not just the oldest! It is also one of the deepest and clearest lake in the World as well, and with well over 1700 animals and plant species it is also one of the most important.

1 – Five-Flower Lake: China
Five Flower Lake (Wǔhuā Hǎi) is the pride of Jiuzhaigou Valley. Colourful leaves are gathered in the lake front and because the water contains calcium carbonate as well as hydrophytes it makes it look like it’s made up of several colours, but the most striking features is at the bottom of the lake that is covered with ancient trees that have fallen in and settled over time creating a strange black criss-cross effect.