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About three years ago, an unknown startup by the name of Thalmic Labs took the Webby storm with a teaser for its upcoming product, Myo. Using a technique known as electromyography, this little armband was able to read electrical signals from the muscles in your forearm, map them to gestures made with your hand, and control other devices with those gestures.

The device already has a sizable library of apps and plugins to offer.

This was (and still is) a radical departure from the way gesture commands are typically registered. Most gesture-control systems, like Microsoft’s Kinect, still detect movements with cameras, which can be thrown off by poor lighting conditions, distance, and simple obstructions. By drawing gesture information directly from your arm muscles instead of a camera, Myo circumvents all these problems — and also works with devices that don’t have a camera in the first place.


To read the muscle activity in your forearm, Myo wraps it in eight different blocks, each of which contains a medical-grade EMG sensor. The armband also uses a three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer, and three-axis magnetometer to sense motion in any direction. Watch Wah Video For more Features

Wonder Full gadget ever invented | Makes Things Easy